绅胜丰盈投资咨询有限公司是新加坡一家专业性投资咨询公司。主要业务集中在招商引资服务、商务会展及奖励旅游服务。招商引资管理主要为各级招商部门、经济开发区和工业园区提供针对性、专业化的项目咨询和相关配套服务。与此同时,绅胜丰盈注重绿化环保及新能源技术的推广,并将风险管理纳入到所有活动规划和执行过程中。 Godwyn Group 总部位于新加坡,北京设有分支机构。 Godwyn Group is a professional multi-national consultancy firm providing comprehensive range of services such as international investment management, meetings, event management, and incentive travel. International investment management is primarily for the investment promotion departments at all levels. The development zones and industrial parks with professional project match-making provide supporting services and comprehensive solutions. Godwyn Group headquarters is located in Singapore while China headquarters is located in Beijing. 公司因业务拓展需要,欢迎各界优秀人才加盟!简历及相关业务咨询请发邮件至: Email:[email protected] 展开 公司地址:朝阳区新源南路1-3号平安国际金融中心B座17层 (邮编:100027) 地图
An enterprise that protects the preciousness of life and environment As a pioneer,Choongwae has kept its philosophy and become a leading company in this pharmaceutical market since its establishment in 1945.Now,it is transforming as one of the prospective global healthcare groups in this century.With great efforts,we made contribution to this society by developing circulation related medicines,anticancer medicines,bio-medicines,IV solutions and many products in high quality.With cutting-edge technologies,we are competing with prominent pharmaceutical companies in the world. Choongwae has already expressed its strong will to establish itself as the rank of a leading group in the fierce global competition by actually setting up independent management & responsible system by subsidiary with the launch of a holding company in 2007.As a dynamic enterprise fully equipped with future-oriented organizational culture going by self-regulation and responsibility,a global enterprise continuously bearing social responsibility while working out environment friendliness,and an enterprise stepping ahead while creating continuous outcomes through transitions an innovations,that is continuing its development with fruitful outcomes as a result of ceaseless research an efforts to achieve this big dream as ever. Choongwae's management principle in pursuit of qualitative management intensifying internal capacity rather than the turnover itself has emerged as objective outcomes of a blue chip in a row since its initial opening to public in 1976. In addition,through its open management that place stockholders'value as a top priority,Choongwae has been realizing a steady sales growth and high profit rates even in the midst of abrupt transitions of the industrial circles,such as FTA between Korea and the USA and separation of dispensary from medical practice. Choongwae,which has grown into a holding company governing diverse subsidiaries,such as Choongwae Pharma Corporation,Choongwae Medical Corporation,Choongwae Shin-Yak Corporation,Choongwae Corporation,Choongwae Industrial Corporation.,etc.,is aimed at developing into a fine enterprise enjoying an everlasting history for the time to come as well. Choongwae will take a great leap toward a super-human race industry which thinks of the health of the human race and environment as well by pushing forward with competitive new technology and product development and fulfilling its social responsibility at the same time.Further,Choongwae earnestly promises to steadily repay our esteemed customers'support by maximizing profits through the best service and reasonable management for our customers. Thank you so much. 电话:010-59004634 联系人:徐冉 邮箱:[email protected] 地址:北京市朝阳区朝外SOHOA座1009室 展开 公司地址:北京市朝阳区朝外SOHOA座1009室 (邮编:000000) 地图

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